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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling - Basics to help limit the stress of a large remodeling project.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Kitchen and Bath remodeling can be a very daunting process. Properly managing the project timeline, material procurement and other miscellaneous details is a very large part to limiting the stress involved with remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.

There are multiple options you have when it comes to managing your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Managing all aspects of the project yourself can save you a little money, but puts all aspects of your kitchen or bathroom remodel timeline, sub-contractor selection, permit acquisition, delivery schedule and other details entirely at your feet. This path will be the most stressful, involved and time-consuming path you can take. These timelines to the sub-contractors are very important, they rely on aspects of the job to be done in a sequential manner, and any delays or missteps in this order will cause your project to run inefficiently and the project will take much longer.

If you are not looking to manage the entire project yourself, a general contractor will be the best option. a general contractor can still work with you on material procurement on a limited basis to still save you a little money. Such as, the customer purchasing and delivering specific items that are more easily managed by the customer (faucets, mirrors, lighting fixtures, etc.). This is the path most customers want to take.

The most hands off and most expensive path would be only dealing with the General Contractor and designer about style, colors, etc., allowing those entities to do all legwork, purchasing and general decision.

One of the most important things you can do to make your project feel less stressful is, plan ahead when it comes to where will you eat, where will you spend your time during the construction process. Keep doors closed that do not need to be open. If you don't have another bathtub/shower, find the easiest, most accessible way to accommodate your bathing needs. If you have animals, make sure you can keep them out of the way so that the contractors do not have to be worried about them getting out or being sidetracked by an animal that wants constant attention.
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